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Paddleboarding has to be the fastest growing watersport in recent years and its easy to see why. Accessible to almost everyone, incredibly versatile, as relaxing or strenuous as you like.

We have a range of sizes and types of board so we can get you on appropriate equipment.

Lessons are the perfect way to start your paddleboarding career, if you've already done some then rental is the best way to enjoy the water.

If you're an experienced paddler but not familiar with the area, book a tour and we can guide you to the best parts.

Can't see the option that sounds perfect? just call us and we can help find the right option for you. You can always check our FAQ section too.

1 Hour Rental

The ideal way to way to enjoy the harbour and get a bit of exercise in too.



1 hour private lesson

New to paddleboarding? Not too sure where to start? Join us for a lesson, we will cover all the basics and make sure you feel confident on the water.




2 Hour Tour

If you've done a bit of paddling and are ready to explore a little further, or maybe you're just new to the area, tours are the solution. Head out in confidence with one of our instructors to look after you.



3 hour rental

Want to explore a little further, or maybe stop off for a swim or lunch, take the board for 3 hours and know you've got plenty of time.



1 hour Group Lesson

Want to hit the water with your friends and family, this is the session for you. We will guide you through the first steps of the sport to make learning as speedy as possible.



4 Hour Tour

These are a great way to explore the many hidden creeks and beaches of the Carrick Roads. Bring a picnic and plenty of water, its a grand day out Gromit!




Full Day Rental

Looking to have a serious adventure? Or maybe you want to rent a board to take away with you. Full day is for you.



2 hour group lesson

Looking to learn the basics but cover some ground too. We can teach you everything we do on a 1 hour lesson but head up the river too, this is a lovely way to spend a morning with friends.




Throughout the year we organise all sorts of fun events, from paddling to a bakery for lunch, the pub for dinner or for the brave, join us for a downwinder....its the future



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