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We like to keep our kit looking its best and give you the latest in technology and style. 

Every year we sell on our paddle boards while they still looking fabulous and have only a few months use. This gives you the opportunity to buy a top end board, in great condition at a great price.

Check out the Gladiator Paddleboard


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_11.4 SUP for sale.png

ELITE 11’4

The 11'4 x 32" Elite performance all-round SUP is a superb choice for the majority of paddlers. This performance all round board has been specifically engineered and designed to offer performance and speed to paddlers who want a step up from the all round board but still want flexibility of use. Its length and nose shape make it fast, its width and squared tail make it stable, the premium construction makes it light. If you want a board to go anywhere and do a bit of everything, this is the one.


11.6 sup 2022.jpg

ELITE 11'6

The 11'6 x 34" Elite performance all-round is the big brother to the 10'8 all round and with this comes a super stable shape for riders over 100kg. This paddle board has been engineered and designed to offer riders over 100kg a board that's not only super stable but a board that also has speed and glide, combining maneuverability and ease of paddling. This 11'6 performance all-round is a perfect board for sea, lake and river paddling.


11.6 SUP for sale.png

 PRO LT 12'6 X 29"

The Gladiator Pro 12'6 is for those who want to paddle longer distances with a touring board. The 12'6 Pro touring board provides extra glide and speed whilst still being easy to paddle. Whether paddling with your dog or child sat on the front, or fully loaded ready for an overnight adventure, the 12'6 can handle any extra volume. 



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